The order issued to the company FREE is closed

18 April 2023

By decision of 20 March 2023, the CNIL closed the order issued to the company FREE on 30 November 2022.

In November 2022, the restricted committee – body responsible in charge of issuing sanctions – imposed an administrative fine of 300,000 euros on FREE and decided to make its decision public. It also ordered the company to provide a full response to the access requests of four complainants. The company had therefore to specify the identity of  the data broker from whom it had obtained the personal data within 3 months from the notification of the decision. Otherwise, the company must pay a 20 000 euro penalty per day overdue.

In response, the company sent the identities of data brokers from whom it got information regarding two complainants. It specified that it no longer had information for the two others.

The restricted committee decided not to liquidate the penalty after it noted that it is materially impossible for the company to fully comply with the order because of the destruction of files containing required information.